At Our Lady, art is a more than just a special subject in the curriculum.  Not only does it help the developing child with fine motor skills, but it also helps the older child develop and process utilizing different areas of the mind.  Our art teacher, Mrs. Villani, provides students with an outlet to process what they are already learning in the classroom. Every art project has a theme and a purpose to inspire their creative minds.  Students elaborate upon research, learned topics, and ideas to express new ideas through physical means such as paint and paper.

2018-2019 Art Gallery

Third Grade - Monarch Butterflies and Flowers
Third Grade - Monochromatic Paintings with Figures
Third Grade - Symmetrical Name Designs
Sixth Grade - Replicas of Ancient Egyptian Life
Fourth Grade - Totem Spirit Animal Sculptures
Kindergarten - Winter Landscapes With Penguins
Seventh Grade - Paris Craft Figures
Fifth Grade - Trees of Life Sculptures

Sixth Grade - Pastel Animal Renderings

Fourth Grade - Calacas

Second Grade - Leaf Prints

Kindergarten - Self Portrait Advent Angels

Eighth Grade - Painted Hands Like Artist Guido Daniele

Sixth Grade - Figurative Molas

Second Grade - “Under the Sea” Watercolors

Fourth Grade - Self Portrait Caricatures

First Grade - Patriotic Animals

Sixth Grade - Animals in Pastel
Kindergarten - Snowglobes
Seventh Grade - Illustrated Quotes
Eighth Grade - Making Statements
Second Grade - Chinese New Year Pig Renderings
First Grade - Snowflake Snow People
Eighth Grade - Abstracted Emotion Designs
Fourth Grade - Watercolor Animals

Third Grade - Monarchs and Oil Pastel Flowers

Fifth Grade - “America the Beautiful” Impressionistic Paintings

Seventh Grade - Americana Montages

Eighth Grade - "America the Beautiful" Watercolors

Second Grade - Statue of Liberty Designs

First Grade - Collage Halloween Goblins

Third Grade - Welcome to the Rainforest

Fifth Grade - A Screaming Start to Art

First Grade - Noah’s Ark - Drawn Animals and Torn Paper Collages