Tuition Policy:

Tuition may be paid in full, semi-annually or in 10 monthly payments (August - May). We offer a $50 discount for all families that pay their total tuition by August 20.

Late Fee: Please note a late fee of $30.00 will be charged for every delinquent payment.

Returned Payment: FACTS will assess a $30 return fee for each attempt that results in Insufficient Funds.

Due dates can be changed with 4 business days' notice by contacting the school bookkeeper Linda Sullivan at, or call 610-867-8409

Enrollment Fee: $100 non-refundable fee per new student.  This will be requested to complete the enrollment process once your application has been reviewed.

Re-Enrollment Fee: tiered, beginning at $40 per family if received by the mid-December deadline. This fee is applied as tuition credit for the following school year.

Students with any outstanding balance of 35 days or more during the school term will not be able to attend field trips, school extracurricular activities, sports, drama club, band/instrumental lessons, aftercare, etc. until account is current. Students with any financial obligation as of May 31st will not receive a report card, attend graduation and transcripts will be held.

If a child transfers or withdraws during any part of the month, the entire month's tuition will be charged.

The FACTS account will roll over automatically to the next school year.

Transfer grants are offered to new students from non-Catholic private, public or charter school entering grades 1-6 only.


Our Lady Of Perpetual Help

Tuition Schedule for 2019-2020 School Year

1 Child = $3,995

2 Children$6,195

3 or More$7,850

At Our Lady, we have a flat-rate tuition.  This means that we do not have a different tuition schedule for non-Catholics or non-parishioners. In fact, our parish actually subsidizes the cost of tuition for all families, allowing us to offer the above rates to you!

FACTS tuition management program

Families have the option of paying tuition in one lump sum on or before August 20 or enrolling in the FACTS program which allows for tuition to be paid in ten monthly payments (August-May). We offer a $50 discount for all families that pay their tuition in full on or before August 20 for the coming school year. This payment can be made directly to the Parish Center office.

Questions about the FACTS program should be directed to Linda Sullivan at, or call 610-867-8409.