from Our Lady of Perpetual Help School!

We are so grateful for our parish, alumni, and school families for their continued support. Each financial contribution to the school is critically important as tuition alone does not cover the cost of educating students. When you make a gift to the school, you help us close the gap. Every gift you give helps us to provide students with the best possible educational experience and you help to ensure that an Our Lady education is available for students from all circumstances for many years to come.



Methods of Support


Donate to Our Lady of
Perpetual Help School



Gifts by check should be made payable to “Our Lady of Perpetual Help School” and sent it to the address below. Please do not send cash through the mail. Our Lady will be be happy to issue a receipt. for your gift.



Many companies and corporate foundations match gifts to nonprofit institutions like Our Lady of Perpetual Help School. Matching gifts are a great way to increase support for the school without additional out-of-pocket expense. Matching gifts are a very important source of support. You may be eligible to submit matching gift claims from both your own and your spouse's employer for the same gift. Contact the human resources office at your employer, your spouse's employer, or even your former employer, if you are retired, to inquire about their matching gift program.





Are you a business owner? Does your business pay PA State Taxes? Would you prefer to direct those tax dollars to Our Lady of Perpetual Help School to provide student scholarships for families that could not otherwise afford a Catholic education for their children? Then EITC/OSTC is for you!

Who can participate? Corporations (C and Sub S), Partnerships, LLC's - any business entity except sole proprietorship can participate. Instead of paying taxes to the state, your business makes a contribution through EITC/OSTC, and receives a 90% tax credit (for a two year commitment). Your contribution can also be deducted from your Federal and state taxes.

Simply put – a corporation, partnership, etc can make a donation of $10,000 – receive a $9,000 direct state tax credit – and can also deduct the $10,000 as a contribution on their Federal return. If in a 35% tax bracket - the net cost for a $10,000 contribution to the school would be $650.

Participation in this state program makes a significant impact Our Lady of Perpetual Help School!


Advertising/Sponsorship Opportunities

These include supporting multiple fundraising events throughout the year including our Annual Cougar Crawl walkathon, Vera Bradley/Coach Bingo, Tricky Tray, and more!

For more information about any of these ways to support Our Lady of Perpetual Help School,

contact Arielle Kaminski, Advancement Director, at or 610.868.6570, extension 406