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Belief Statements

  • To know, love, and serve God is the fundamental value of our school.
  • Students, parents, and teachers are all children of God and therefore treat each other with dignity and respect.
  • Our school community has the responsibility not only for increasing its knowledge of the Catholic faith but also the practice of it.
  • Academic development achieves its fruition within the context of developing the whole person to its fullest potential.
  • All students have the ability to learn but do so at different rates and in different ways.
  • Students, guardians, and educators are essential components to academic success.
  • All children have a right to a safe and nurturing learning environment.
  • The atmosphere in our school should be conducive to learning and to the development of character and personal responsibility.
  • Students should understand that success involves challenges.
  • All members of our school community should feel welcomed and valued.
  • Teachers should expect that students will exhibit academic effort and conformity to school regulations.