Third Grade - Monarch Butterflies and Flowers
Third Grade - Monochromatic Paintings with Figures
Third Grade - Symmetrical Name Designs
Sixth Grade - Replicas of Ancient Egyptian Life
Fourth Grade - Totem Spirit Animal Sculptures
Kindergarten - Winter Landscapes With Penguins
Seventh Grade - Paris Craft Figures
Fifth Grade - Trees of Life Sculptures
Sixth Grade - Pastel Animal Renderings

Fourth Grade - Calacas
Second Grade - Leaf Prints
Kindergarten - Self Portrait Advent Angels
Eighth Grade - Painted Hands Like Artist Guido Daniele
Sixth Grade - Figurative Molas
Second Grade - “Under the Sea” Watercolors
Fourth Grade - Self Portrait Caricatures
First Grade - Patriotic Animals
Sixth Grade - Animals in Pastel
Kindergarten - Snowglobes
Seventh Grade - Illustrated Quotes
Eighth Grade - Making Statements
Second Grade - Chinese New Year Pig Renderings
First Grade - Snowflake Snow People
Eighth Grade - Abstracted Emotion Designs
Fourth Grade - Watercolor Animals
Third Grade - Monarchs and Oil Pastel Flowers
Fifth Grade - “America the Beautiful” Impressionistic Paintings
Seventh Grade - Americana Montages
Eighth Grade - "America the Beautiful" Watercolors
Second Grade - Statue of Liberty Designs
First Grade - Collage Halloween Goblins
Third Grade - Welcome to the Rainforest
Fifth Grade - A Screaming Start to Art
First Grade - Noah’s Ark - Drawn Animals and Torn Paper Collages