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Kindergarten is a significant milestone and the beginning of a lifelong, faith-filled journey. 

Our program is designed to meet children where they are. Our team nurtures children to reach their full potential, using Catholic values as our guide.

What you can expect to start your child's Kindergarten journey with our family:

1. Take a tour and get to know us!
2. Submit an application.
3. Notification of a spot for May screening.  Our seasoned educational team will make sure our Kindergarten program is the best fit for your child.
4. All applicants will be reviewed, and acceptance letters distributed.

Our Lady’s Kindergarten has a play-based and hands-on learning approach.  We offer children the opportunity to nurture their social, physical, intellectual and spiritual growth. 


Each lesson leads students to appreciate their uniqueness and sense of God’s presence. 

Religion is not only  limited to a specific period of the day. We incorporate religion in all we do, as we learn to share, be kind, and work together.

They will attend Mass with their 8th grade buddies once a month.

Language Arts/Math

Emphasis on a strong foundation of phonics, phonemic awareness and fluency.  Children will read books on level, and will learn to write and share information in a variety of ways.

Math classes will focus on number sense, developing problems-solving skills, and explore algebraic concepts with missing quantities.

Science/Social Studies

Weekly themes are taught using hands-on activities, weekly magazines, and real-life examples. 

A nationwide Alphabet Exchange emphasizes both language arts and geography.  Students learn the scientic method, along with communication skills with our Scientist of the Day experiments.

Special Classes

Spanish: Introduction to their foreign language skills. 

Technology: Utilizing iPads for teaching new concepts and enhancing our curriculum.

Gym: Emphasis on physical activity and healthy living.

Library: Expand their reading base in smaller group sessions.

There's always something special going on in Kindergarten...