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Middle school students are at a developmental stage with newly emerging interests and opportunities. Our program is designed to meet each student’s spiritual, cognitive, and social-emotional needs as well as develop a Catholic worldview. Students are encouraged to develop their unique interests, strengths and leadership abilities as they navigate into young adulthood and grow into Christian young men and women. Faith guides our respectful, traditional classroom settings where students develop strong moral compasses.

Major subject areas:

  • Religion

  • Language Arts (English, Spelling)

  • Reading

  • Science

  • Math

  • Social Studies

Minor subjects include:

  • Physical Education

  • Music

  • Art

  • Technology

  • Spanish

  • Health (5-8)

  • Library/STEM

Supplementary Programs:

Profile of OLPH Graduate

The 8th Grade Graduate Lives Their Faith as Modeled by Jesus

  • treats everyone as a child of God

  • affords everyone the dignity and respect they deserve

  • makes responsible choices based on a strong moral foundation

  • practices their Catholic identity through prayer, worship, and the sacraments

The 8th Grade Graduate Meets With Academic Success

  • reaches academic potential via various learning styles

  • collaborates with parents, educators, and other students

  • understands that success involves challenges

  • utilizes learned techniques to be an independent thinker and learner

  • strives for personal best

  • possesses skills to be academically competitive and successful in life

  • demonstrates critical thinking skills for problem-solving

  • uses technology/digital media as an educational tool, media device, and communication tool

The 8th Grade Graduate Serves the Community and Serves God

  • values the ideals of knowing, loving, and serving God

  • recognizes that learning continues beyond the classroom in various ways such as the arts, athletics, and academic teams

  • seeks to create a community that is safe and peace-filled

  • sets a positive example and serves as a role model for others

  • demonstrates confidence, faith in oneself, and one’s gifts

  • views the environment as a gift from God and accepts his/her role as a steward of God’s creation

The 8th Grade Graduate Leads by Example

  • assumes responsibility and acts appropriately using resources that are available

  • understands their responsibility for knowing and sharing their faith

  • practices their faith in thoughts, words, and deeds

  • shares their talents in order to enrich other people’s lives