Dollars for Scholars is Our Lady’s gift card purchasing program, and it is a significant source of income for our school. It helps the Home and School Association (HSA) pay back the $85,000 owed to the parish each year for the subsidy that the parish provides each of our students. This program enables us to keep tuition lower for all of our families.

Dollars for Scholars offers all types of physical gift cards from grocery stores and restaurants to shopping and specialty stores. The gift card order form lists all the physical gift cards our school stocks. If the gift card you want is not on the regular order form, you can check the special order form to see if we can special-order it. Special orders are made monthly and are due the first week of the month. Using the website, eGift cards can also be purchased at any time for hundreds of stores and are available to use immediately when purchased with PrestoPay. Please contact Mrs. Henrich for the school enrollment code.

If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact Mrs. Monica Henrich by calling the school or emailing

Summer Gift Card Sales


Available in the church gathering space


Saturdays 4:45 - 6PM

Sundays 8 -11:30AM


Available at the school office

Mondays 9AM - 12PM

Wednesdays 9AM - 12PM


Or email

How to Videos

  • Download, Enroll & Make 1st Purchase with the RaiseRight Mobile App

  • Adding SCRIPS gift cards to your loyalty accounts

  • At the check-out counter with SCRIPS! Shopping in-store with the app