The greatest good is what we do for one another.   ~Mother Teresa


Volunteers are at the heart of our school community. We encourage all families to help where they can. The Diocese of Allentown and the State of Pennsylvania have specific requirements that must be completed before you may volunteer.


Please use the following checklist to make sure you have completed all the necessary requirements.

⬜  Background Check Authorization Form: Complete the Diocese of Allentown Background Check Authorization Form.

FBI Fingerprinting:
Go to the IndentoGO website and volunteers use service code 1KG6Y3. You will need a copy of your receipt and the response from the state.

Criminal History Record Check:
Follow the steps for a New Record Check (Volunteers Only) on the Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History website.

Child Abuse Clearance:
Create an individual account on the Child Welfare Portal. Apply as a volunteer.

Protecting God’s Children Session:
You may go online to the Diocese of Allentown website for a list of dates and locations where the programs are held. Registration is required. You will be given a certificate stating you attended a session.

Mandated Reporter Training:
Go to the Pennsylvania Child Welfare Resource Center website to complete the training (approximately a 3 hour online course). Alternatively, you may attend an in-person training with Sr. Margaret Cole; registration is required.

⬜  Code of Conduct: Please read the Diocesan Code of Conduct for Clergy, Lay Employees and Lay Volunteers. Download, print and sign the Acknowledgement Form. Full Code of Conduct link.
Code of Conduct Acknowledgement Form link.

Sexual Abuse Policy:
Please read the Sexual Abuse Policy. Download, print and sign the Acknowledgement Form. Full Sexual Abuse Policy link.
Sexual Abuse Policy Acknowledgment Form link.

⬜ Child Protective Services Law: Please read the Child Protective Services Law. Download, print and sign the Child Protective Services Law Policy Acknowledgement Form. Child Protective Services Law Policy.
Child Protective Services Law Policy Acknowledgement Form link.

Once you have compiled all of the paperwork for all of the items on the checklist, put them in an envelope marked
Safe Environment Coordinator - Attention Carol Salabsky. Envelopes can be dropped off at the school or parish offices.

Please MAKE A COPY OF EACH ITEM to keep for your records before sending the information to the office.


If you have any questions please contact Carol Salabsky at