Mrs. Monica Henrich

Administrative Assistant
Ph: 610-868-6570 x 401

Mrs. Henrich is our Administrative Assistant since 2020. Previous to this position, Mrs. Hernrich was our main Librarian, Technology, and STEM teacher specialist. She loved being in the classroom with the students but she feels very fortunate to work in the front office which allows her the opportunity to interact with Our Lady families, students, and visitors. She always has a smile on her face!

Mrs. Henrich received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from the University of Redlands in California. After graduating from college she worked in the financial services industry for five years until deciding to stay home with her children. When she joined our school she felt at home and loved seeing the students smiling and having fun while learning. She believes that Our Lady is truly a family and treasures watching the students grow from the first day of kindergarten to eighth-grade graduation.

Her family has a strong belief that Catholic education is the best place to grow and learn. They have been blessed to be a part of the Diocese of Allentown for many years. Her husband has worked for the Diocese for over ten years and both her children attend catholic high school. After moving to Bethlehem, they immediately were drawn to Our Lady where they have been parishioners since 2018.

Mrs. Henrich recently took up golf and loves to play as often as she can. She also enjoys hot yoga. She likes to spend her summer days by her pool with a good book to read.